How To Relax Your Hair At Home

Some women love visiting the hair salon as often as possible, while others only go on special occasions. It’s amazing the things you can do with your hair by yourself. You really don’t need any extra help. One of them is how to relax your hair at home by yourself.

Hair relaxer, otherwise known as hair straightener, is used on any hair to attain a straighter, sleeker look.

Steps In Relaxing Your Hair

To properly relax your hair, comb out your hair to avoid any tangling that will lead to hair loss. Ensure you wear gloves to protect your hands and fingers from burning as a result of the product you want to use.

Secondly, you will need to part out your hair in different sections (as little as possible as this will enable you to get every part of the hair).
For the best results, work in small, 1/2-inch to one-inch sections of hair. Big chunks won’t relax evenly, leaving you with a less-than-desirable outcome. Using the tail end of a rat-tail comb to separate small partings (be careful not to scratch your scalp doing this) will net you better results.

Follow The Directions

The directions that come in a relaxer kit are there for a reason. Although it’s a simple process, it can still be dangerous, so take the time to peruse the instructions to avoid serious damage. This includes smoothing the relaxer on with fingers and not a comb, and always using a neutralizing shampoo to stop the chemical process, and wash the relaxer completely out of your hair. Also, pay attention to the recommended processing time, and avoid the temptation to leave the relaxer on past it.

After applying the product, please use a timer to help you keep track of the time so you don’t over relax your hair which will lead to hair burns and hair breakage which is totally bad for your hair.

Once your processing time is up, you must rinse as much of the relaxer out before using a neutralizing shampoo. It is very crucial not to rush the rinsing process.
This will take a minimum of several minutes. The more you rinse away before shampooing, the fewer chemicals you have to neutralize. After rinsing, use a cotton cloth to dry your hair is preferable or you can choose the option of allowing your hair to air-dry.

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