Exploring the benefits of papaya on Hair

The fruit is choc-a-bloc with antioxidants and nutrients like Vitamin C and B, carotenes and flavonoids, fibre and minerals like magnesium and potassium. All these are excellent for our body and hair.

Why chuck it when you can use the ripe papaya for hair nourishment? Yes, this clunky-looking fruit does a lot for your hair, from helping hair growth, to fighting dandruff, to conditioning it.

Why don’t you read all the benefits at one go, right here?

10 Reasons Why Papaya Is Good For Hair:


1. Papaya creates volume

Papaya nourishes your hair shaft and adds volume to your tresses.

2. Papaya prevents balding

The nutrients in papaya strengthen your hair and prevent balding.

3. Papaya fights dandruff

A nourished scalp is a dandruff-free scalp, made possible with papaya.

4. Papaya controls hair thinning

You can boost your diet and eat papaya for hair growth. People suffering from thinning hair problems can fight back by drinking papaya juice 2-3 times a day.

5. Papaya adds shine and bounce to hair

A papaya hair mask can help remove oil and accumulated dirt from your hair, naturally, leaving you with shiny hair that bounces.

6. Papaya clears chemical build-up

All those products that you use leave behind a chemical build-up. You can use a papaya pack for hair that is dull and lifeless, and give it a fresh breath of life.

7. Papaya works as a hair conditioner

Papaya leaf extract is a known hair conditioner, used even in high-end salons to add life to limp hair.

8. Papaya makes hair strong

Papaya makes hair strong and nourished, from the root to the tip. Use a papaya hair pack to give a natural boost to your hair.

9. Papaya controls split ends

Dry, under-nourished hair is prone to split ends. You can prevent and even treat them with a wholesome papaya hair mask.

10. Papaya prevents premature greying

Healthy, nourished, strong hair has no reason to turn grey, not if you make papaya a part of your regular diet.

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